OPN Operator Partnership Program

Grow your current packaging business idea with OPN Operator Partnership Program.

OPN welcomes companies from around the globe to partner with us whilst growing your own business model. The OPN Operator is designed to enable partners to better serve, market and differentiate themselves through training, accreditation, and sales. This packaging business idea allows you to grow globally using our technical and highly innovative platform.


We are a digital platform with an asset-light business model. The OPN Platform allows you to automate quoting, ordering, tracking, deliveries, and payments. Allowing you to focus on more important and less tedious aspects of your packaging business.

The OPN Platform allows you and your customers to have complete transparency of every aspect of an order in real time. Not to mention, the speed of communications between vendors and the customer is fast and efficient. Our platform is easily accessible and cuts out the middleman.

Thresholds for managed MRR$0$500 000$2 500 000$5 000 000
Business/Enterprise Account for Personal UseFREE FREEFREEFREE
Business Account for Affiliates/Referrals5 FREE + 20% for next 10 FREE + 25% for next20 FREE + 30% for next30 FREE + 40% for next
Enterprise Account for Affiliates/Referrals1 FREE + 20% for next 5 FREE + 25% for next10 FREE + 30% for next25 FREE + 40% for next
Transaction fee discount20% for first 12 months30% lifetime basis40% lifetime basis50% lifetime basis
Dedicated newsletterMonthlyMonthlyWeeklyWeekly
Public Listing in Operators DirectoryYesYesYesYes
OPN Slack channelGroupGroupDedicatedDedicated
Partner Success ManagerYesYesYesYes
  • OPN provides partners with co-marketing resources, lead sharing, online training, and more.
  • Becoming and OPN Platform Operator unlocks exclusive discounts and partner rewards as well as early access to new products and features.
  • OPN Operators are guaranteed public directory listing on OPN’s site, 20% referral commission for life and a free OPN ESP account.
  • Partners can also become “OPN Champions” by hitting certain criteria and unlocking special champion designation in the partner directory.
  • OPN generates revenue for you, faster. Every quote request contains all critical information required for you to submit your bid accurately, once off.

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