Virtual Packaging Exhibition Made Easy

A virtual packaging exhibition like no other


When you think of packaging exhibition not a lot of things come to mind. Purely because OPN is rewriting exhibitions as we know it and dabbling in new waters. The IPackExpo is the first virtual packaging exhibition that solely provides to the needs of the packaging industry, on a global scale.

While the exhibition may seem very new, Open packaging network has been winning over business models and taking our clients to new global heights since 2018. The IPackExpo is just another feather in a very decorated cap of innovation and the digital revolution.

Simple. Innovative. Accessible. IPackExpo is everything you need in one place.

Why should you choose IPackExpo?


A massive selling point of the IPackExpo is that our products are categorized, saving you time and making sure our platform is easy and accessible to use, whenever and wherever you may be.

When you think of how vast and large the sustainable packaging industry is, products being categorized is probably the best thing since sliced bread. It takes up less of your time whilst on the platform and navigates you straight to the reason for your attending.

Opportunity to attend Global Packaging exhibition


Think about following a map at traditional exhibitions or tying to manually find your way through exhibition stands? We have now given you the opportunity to attend a global packaging exhibition, just for the packaging industry, from the comfort of your choosing. Instead of walking hours and hours to find exactly what you need, sit in your favorite armchair and let your mouse do the finding.

Looking for a corrugated box or corrugated box manufacturers? How about needing kraft paper, brown paper, or even brown kraft paper? We have it all right here on our exhibition platform, level by virtual level. Enter on our lush red carpet (take my word for it, because you obviously cannot feel it) then explore our categories…

Exhibition Categories:

  • All4Packaging
  • All4Labels
  • All4Food
  • All4Beverage
  • All4Pharma
  • All4Cosmetics
  • All Non-Food
  • All Industrial
  • All Services

Scale each level and explore our exhibitors stand by stand while you compare the best prices and finest quality for your product. This is one of the very many aspects that make IPackExpo a unique and interactive virtual exhibition.

Interested? Of course you are…

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We hope to see you on our platform soon!

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