Pharma packaging companies and their inevitable changes

Why sustainability for a pharma packaging company is imperative


When it comes to the medical field, there will always be a need yet room for improvement as the world of medicine changes around us. The pharmaceutical aspect of the medical field is a monstrosity and seen as a separate industry due to its magnitude. So, while you may have to keep up with the trends, evolving medicines and the latest pandemics, packaging is a massive role player in this scenario. With packaging comes sustainability and the importance shown to this by a pharma packaging company is vital. 

According to the World Health Organization, 85% of waste generated by health-care activities is non-hazardous which include the packaging that medicines, and medical equipment come in. If we could turn this packaging into reusable or sustainably effective packaging, we not only cut the percentage of waste but also save millions of dollars annually. Pharma packaging solutions can consist of ways for companies to be more involved in sustainably effective methods in creating and disposing of pharmaceutical packaging. 

Packaging audits throughout the world have called for re-evaluations of existing packaging and ways to minimise costs whilst becoming more environmentally responsible. The pharmaceutical industry is a tricky one to tamper with as sometimes plastic is seen as the most sterile type of packaging, but on the other hand it is the most detrimental to our environment- causing over 300 millions tons of plastic waste a year, 50% of which is for single use purposes.


Pharma packaging services and how we can use them effectively 


The pharma packaging services industry is a stalwart on its own. This industry soars past other packaging competitors as the need for medicine and medical equipment will probably never halt. Companies like PCI Services and Pharma Packaging Solutions pride themselves on their trade and finding new and effective ways to turn over tons of commercial and effective pharmaceutical packaging. A quick-thinking point is to ask yourself as our world changes, as diseases modify, and as global warming begins to peak- what are we doing to change? Are we doing enough? Are the biggest industries in the world taking a stand?

There surely are a few ways that we can keep production up, whilst keeping quality and sterilization key and still include sustainability to the mix? 

Put functionality first, remember any packaging that does not serve its’ purpose, is pretty much deemed useless. So, on your quest to find a sustainable solution, make sure you do not miss out on necessary components or instructions for use. There may be barriers preventing you changing from traditional methods to material saving or re-using solutions; but this is where the importance of research, collaborations and sacrifice come in. 

At the end of the day – I think this is a race to be a part of purely because of the fact that it will eventually become mandatory and no one wants to be part of a rat race that every one is running. As medications becomes more personalized and specific, running hundreds and thousands of the same bottles is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Pharmaceutical packaging companies work tirelessly to reduce the amount of energy, air, and water they use in their manufacturing process, so now, it just becomes about altering the result. Sharing ideas and experiences is one way to look at finding a solution too. Pharma guidelines are strict and for a good reason, but can we create parallel lines to create a safer, recyclable packaging solution? 

OPN is a Digital Solution For Pharma Companies around the World


Open packaging network and their influence on the sustainability change


From our inception, Open Packaging Network has openly shown their support in sustainable change within the packaging industry. An industry that is very rigid and traditional in the way things are done, but as the world evolves, so does business. 

Being an internationally acclaimed company with employees from all around the world, OPN understands the impact businesses and packaging can have on the environment. This is where the innovation of OPN Platform becomes so important. Using our platform cuts out the middleman and wasted time spent going back and forth finding the perfect packaging solution. Your environmental impact is lessened purely by cutting out the middleman. Furthermore, the companies and products on our platform understand the importance we place on sustainability. 

  • OPN Platform is an online marketplace where suppliers and buyers can connect online from anywhere in the world.
  • Unlike our close competitors, our marketplace is solely for the packaging industry
  • Connect and close deals in real time
  • You never have to leave the platform to conduct business
  • Your entire procurement process is done for you. From sourcing products, quoting them, and finally sorting out delivery and payment.


How OPN helped a pharmaceutical company


This particular pharmaceutical company wanted to lower their carbon footprint. With the use of OPN Platform they sourced more diverse and pharmaceutical-grade packaging with sustainable alternatives. With the ability to strategically supply and negotiate contract sourcing, this company found an easily accessible and innovative solution from local and regional suppliers that they never had access to before using the OPN Platform. 

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