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Benefits To Virtual Packaging Trade Show

The Open Packaging Network (OPN) Platform has proved to be one of the most efficient and innovative SaaS within our modern era. Virtual trade is just as effective as virtual realities nowadays and this is where the innovation of a virtual packaging trade show comes in. We live in a fast-paced digital world and things like dial-up internet  and floppy discs are archived so deep within our memory that we tend to forget how far we have actually come. 

One thing technology cannot cure but sure can help is the COVID-19 pandemic that has wrecked havoc around the World. Business as we know it has been disrupted and things we took for granted stripped from us. 

Exhibitions are a thing of life and people love being able to browse for their desires in one place. What if I told you that place is now your lounge, office or car when you wait for the kids to finish school? 

Thanks to OPN, this is easily achieved with the birth of IPackExpo!


No more waiting for an exhibition to come to your nearest Town or spending exorbitant amounts of money to travel to a country hosting the exact expo you require. IPackExpo has brought the world of exhibitions to you! 

This is as cost efficient and convenient as business decisions can be. The simplicity behind logging on to view thousands of companies and deals is phenomenal. Being able to close deals in real-time; view demos', products and connect directly with the seller / buyer if you wish- you never have to leave the platform. This expo is permanent and here to stay - changing the way we view and conduct business. 

How to join Virtual Packaging Expo

As we mentioned above, we love innovation, and this is where IPackExpo comes into play. During this trying time, we understand exhibitions around the world have cancelled or postponed and while some may be starting up again, many people are sceptical about travelling. At OPN we have created a virtual packaging expo, solely for the packaging industry. The virtual packaging expo runs throughout the year 24/7, so no matter where in the world you may be, you will always have access and the ability to process leads in real-time. 

The same goes for potential exhibitors, all of this information is available on our website:

At OPN we thrive on happy consumers and we believe in making a difference. Our software not only exemplifies simplicity but we work tirelessly to create sustainable and time efficient solutions. 

Sign up today to be apart of this ever changing climate. Join our Virtual Trade-Show and get connected with thousands of decision-makers within the packaging industry. Try the basic plan here. It’s free and that won't change. 

Simple and with no contract- why not shop the World with a mouse in your hand? 

Bring the World to you; on your terms.

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