Packaging Exhibitions Europe 2020 | Why Virtual is Better

Why packaging exhibitions in Europe 2020 should change to virtual


It is no secret that packaging exhibitions in 2020 have been disrupted to the max. The world as we know it changed in a matter of days due to the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping our streets with chaos and disease. Packaging exhibitions in Europe for 2020 are countless and have canceled or turned to virtual exhibitions to move past the disruption caused by Covid-19. Shows such as WEFTEC Connect, Trade Show Worldwide, and Empack Leca da Palmiera have gone virtual or are starting up again; but all for a limited time only. Slowly, as people peep from behind the protection of their “lockdown fort”, things seem to be reviving – but at what cost? As the pandemic reaches its’ peak in many a country and leaving a trail of destruction we have never had to face before, life and business as we know it has changed drastically. 

Fortunately, we live in an age where digital technology is rife and innovative ideas could salvage what is left of 2020. Open Packaging Network is one such company that encompasses the idea of innovation. The introduction of the IPackExpo is an example that exemplifies the idea of new, digital solutions. We understand that business must go on and creating a virtual, online exhibition is the answer many have been looking for. 

IPackExpo never stops running and this means your company lead generation never stops counting. No matter the time of day or night, you can log on and find the perfect packaging solution for your product. Solutions like this seem far fetched, but OPN has brought it to life thorough IPackExpo! Here you can see the list of upcoming packaging exhibitions europe 2020.

Packaging Exhibitions Europe 2020

1. IPackEXPO – №1 Packaging Online Trade Show

2. Webpackaging LIVE – The virtual Packaging Exhibition

3. Sustainability in Packaging Europe

4. All4Pack Paris 2020

5. E-Pack Europe 2020

6. Virtual Food Show

7. AIPIA Virtual Congress

8. Pack For Change Summit

9. Healthcare Packaging EXPO


Packaging Exhibitions | Traditional vs Virtual


Traditional packaging exhibitions are time-consuming, expensive, and limited to consumers that visit your booth. When you change from offline to online you expand your business reach. These exhibitions on an annual basis create around 600 000 tons of waste just from promotional materials, booth mechanisms, food packaging, etc. Being virtual lessens the impact you have on the environment and boosts your sustainability promise. 

Exhibitions soak up precious time that you could be spending closing deals or inventing the next great thing! Think about how exhausting it is to plan the look of your booth, creating a roster for staff members to always be present, designing and printing promotional infographics, plus having to sit and follow up with leads during the aftermath. 

With IPackExpo, you are not sharing the limelight with other industries, this exhibition is created solely for packaging. We run every day, 24/7 so it does not matter where your consumer may be based – you will always be available to them! You may design and promote your business within your booth however you see fit. Your booth is a powerful digital tool where you can book one-on-one meetings, create webinars, quote clients, or even close deals! All of this is done in real-time and with a global reach! Your target market is unlimited and easily accessible. This is a step in a direction we never thought we had to take but now may be the best solution going forward. Sure, exhibitions are opening again, but do you want to be in large crowds? Can you even travel out of your state or country to get to these events? How much money will you save on travel and accommodation costs? This solution benefits both stakeholders and buyers of the industry vastly and changes the way we look at business. 


Why IPackExpo is a solution and not a selling point


If you must break it up and look at massive trade shows like Interpack 2020 or the Canton Fair 2020, coronavirus triumphed over these exhibition giants and they had no choice but to postponed or go virtual. 

This virtual exhibition is broken up into categories with a detailed exhibition hall plan so you can easily find your way through exhibitor booths and meetings during your virtual journey. 

Exhibition Product Categories:

  • All4Packaging
  • All4Labels
  • All4Food
  • All4Beverage
  • All4Pharma
  • All4Cosmetics
  • All Non-Food
  • All Industrial

Expand your business in ways you never thought possible today with OPN and IPackExpo. 

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