Our Favorite Recent Packaging Designs From Around The World

Design is everything when it comes to packaging. Not only must packaging be functional and serve a protective purpose, but it also needs to be eye-catching enough to stand out from the competition. 

More than 70% of in-store purchases are made within 5-7 seconds of seeing the product, while 66% of consumers will want to try a product after seeing the packaging. 

It’s for this reason that product and packaging designers are constantly innovating and reinventing their packaging designs, and driving trends in the process.

Here are our recent favorite packaging innovations from across the globe. 

Environmentally-friendly gel pouch

EcoVue FlexPac packaging won a silver award for Packaging Excellence in the 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards for their ultrasound gel packaging. The lightweight design requires less energy to manufacture and transport, and because it allows for up to 99.5% evacuation of the gel contents, fewer units are ultimately consumed. This prevents 1.5 million containers and 800,000 pounds of gel ending up in landfills. This innovative flexible packaging product was made by packaging manufacturer Glenroy.

Detergent packaging made from recycled plastic

Consumer brands producer Henkel has launched detergent capsule packaging, made from recycled polypropylene plastic and cardboard, reducing the amount of plastic normally used by 40%. A patented tear-off system allows the cardboard wrap and container to separate easily for 100% recyclability, ensuring a near-endless recycling loop. 

Food packaging that doubles as a tissue box

Designed by award-winning designer Somchana Kangwarnjit, this gorgeous organic packaging design celebrates the product by using rice as a raw material as well as an inspiration. 

The packaging is created using a natural waste product called chaffs which is both eco-friendly and recyclable. One the bag of rice has been removed from the packaging, the box can be re-used as a tissue dispenser. 

Image credit: Yanco Design.

Funky secondary packaging for the home-bound

In an effort to bring joy to housebound consumers during lockdown, beverage brand Dalston’s Soda joined forces with B&B Studio to reimagine their shipping packaging for their soda cans. Made entirely from card, the delivery boxes have been designed to align with the brand’s culture and identity as well as their sustainability goals and vision for plastic-free supermarket aisles. 


Recyclable food trays

Graphic Packaging International (GPI) has launched a new line of PaperSeal trays, that serve as a barrier-lined, paperboard alternative to traditional MAP and VAP trays. The hermetically-sealed design utilizes and 10-20% film and 80-90% paperboard produced from renewable fiber sourced from sustainably-managed forests. The trays form part of the company’s 2025 vision and sustainability efforts.

Bonus favorite!

Reusable TV Packaging

This packaging innovation isn’t meant to be eye-catching (the product essentially sells itself), but we had to include it for the awesome factor. Samsung Electronics has introduced new eco-friendly packaging for its luxury TV range as part of the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. Made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, the cardboard boxes can be upcycled for a range of purposes including a magazine rack, a compact TV unit and a cat house. Earlier this year, Samsung had won a CES 2020 Innovation Award for its eco-packaging concept.

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