Managing the "Triple bottom line"

People, Planet, Profit make up the "triple bottom line" (TPL) and many a company or person are unaware of how to toe it. 

The Triple Bottom Line - it's about what we do in the overlap

 These may sound like 3 very separate entities, but for businesses that are serious about sustainability and doing their part to be more Eco-friendly, the "triple bottom line" is the base of their drive. OPN form part of the companies that do care about what they put out and how they go about doing it. Our latest innovation, IPackExpo, exemplifies the concept of sustainability and controlling the overlap that exists from the concept of the "TPL"

As we have evolved and grown more digitally savvy, the human race has become technologically driven and a huge aspect of everyday life is now online. We need to ensure that our need for today does not compromise tomorrow. 

Are you aware that every year, traditional exhibitions produce an average waste of 600 000 tons?  This is largely caused by papers, booth mechanisms and marketing materials that are discarded after the much anticipated event. We are not taking away the importance that these Global exhibitions have and we sure do understand how enlightening they are. This is the exact reason why we have pushed the virtual experience of the IPackExpo. 

This Expo runs throughout the year, every single day. You have the chance to tick off all your expo needs in one place. You save money by not having to travel to these expos, while being able to chat directly to the supplier and not having to wait for follow ups. This is digital interaction at its innovative best. As an exhibitor, you literally have a global market from whom you are generating leads in real time. Your reach is unlimited!

This is the experience of an Expo- but you choose your surroundings. 

At OPN we believe in sustaining healthy communities by promoting clean air, how to use natural resources and doing our part in maintaining a non-toxic environment. We are bringing the world together virtually and this allows our environment to breathe.

We are forever taking, so why not give back when presented with the chance to do so? 

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Let us be the example and then the change

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