How To Reach Prospects During Times of Disruption

It’s been a difficult time for businesses across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on world economies and left financial insecurity in its wake. Many employees have been forced to work remotely from home in order to maintain social distancing rules. For sales teams and business owners, this has resulted in looking for creative ways to approach prospects. After all, with travel all but ground to a halt and trade shows canceled across the board, meeting new clients has become a challenge. And thanks to social distancing, gone are the days of treating a prospect to lunch or a round of golf.  

With more and more companies digitizing their operations, activities such as sourcing and engaging prospects have also moved online. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us apart, technology has become a lifesaver.  

The OPN sales gurus have put together their top tips to engaging leads during periods of disruption.

Switch to video meetings

The human element is all-important for sales conversion. Building rapport and developing a relationship depends on it. Use a video platform like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meets to engage with prospects and clients. Even Slack has video call functionality. Remember to keep your camera on and be enthusiastic. Treat video meetings the same way you would a one-on-one. Share your calendar, commit to a time, and be punctual. 

Using a dedicated appointment scheduler like Calendly removes the time-consuming back and forth from scheduling meetings. Simply share your booking page link with your prospect and let them pick the best time for their schedule. The meeting will be confirmed automatically for all parties.  

Up your email game

Remember when the best way to approach a client was to pick up the telephone? Nowadays, unscheduled telephone calls are treated with as much surprise as someone showing up for an impromptu meeting. An email is the most effective way to get in touch. The average person checks their email 15 times a day. Appearing in their inbox ensures you stay top of mind. 

Email also remains the most effective way to generate leads for B2B businesses. According to Litmus, email outreach has an ROI of 42:1, making it more effective than any other channel. 

Chat to your marketing team about setting up an automated email campaign for prospects and personalize the emails as much as possible. Use email to nurture leads by sending valuable content and information relevant to their needs. 

Use social media to reach new markets

According to Hubspot, LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and securing audience engagement. The average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes on the site per month. LinkedIn has over 500 million users, many of them CEOs and key decision-makers. Use the channel to make connections, send introductions, and showcase valuable content like videos and thought-leadership pieces. Don’t forget to optimize your profile to ensure your first impression packs a punch. 

It might not be business as usual right now, but for companies needing to keep operating, the business has to continue regardless. Use the technology available to you to reach out to prospects and clients, and always keep in mind that it’s a tough time for everyone, and safety comes first. 

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