How packaging and printing companies weathered the storm

A new normal created from the abnormal

Printing and packaging companies from around the globe have been affected by the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The world as we knew it changed overnight and with it, so did consumer behaviour. Companies had to relook at strategies, how they reached consumers, potential buyers, and stakeholders. The printing and packaging industry was affected as well and how they overcame these difficulties, for some, was an uphill battle. Whether these trials and tribulations were temporary or here to stay- it is still too early to say. So, what have you done to weather the storm? 

I can tell you that packaging and printing companies signed up on the Open Packaging Network platform did not have to change much. Why you may ask? Let me enlighten you… 


Offline to online

As printing and packaging companies around the world scrambled to find a solution during a national lockdown or a unique way to deal with consumer behaviour changes, OPN Platform was as calm, cool and collected as ever. Being a digital marketplace for buyers and sellers of the packaging and printing industry- business could continue uninterrupted. Of course, deliveries may have been delayed or postponed, but the quoting, the comparing and the selling never stopped and continues to this day. 

The migrations from offline to online in the last few months has been astounding as people needed to keep up with the changes to survive in the business world. Things like Zoom, Google Meet, and virtual exhibitions suddenly became the new normal on how to conduct meetings and dealings. 

When Open Packaging Network was incepted in 2018, the root cause behind this creation was to help people connect on a global basis, from anywhere in the world. OPN has created an around-the-clock business solution for packaging and printing companies and it is literally at your fingertips, even if your supplier is halfway across the world. 

The accessibility attached to this style of business will change the way we conduct it going forward. This is innovation exemplified and whilst OPN may have been created to fill a gap in a very traditional industry, the use of this solution is even more prominent today. 

The migration from offline to online is seamless and the benefits are unlimited


Creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution

The great thing about a digital migration is that your environmental impact is lessened. Our entire careers, we have listened to lectures, presentations and extremists talk about our carbon footprint, how we can do better, and what is the solution going forward? Now, we have one! 

With OPN, everything is done on the platform, absolutely everything. In this way we cut out the middleman in your delivery process, we push our belief in sustainable packaging to our suppliers and buyers and we save you time and money when you shop and compare on our digital platform. 


Traditional vs Innovation

As I said before, the packaging and printing industry is a very traditional one and many may not be open to change- but the way you conduct business on the OPN Platform is not much different. You just have a screen between you, your stock, and your supplier. 

One thing to keep in mind is that packaging is a direct representation of you and your product. How you decide to package your product is just as important as how useful the product may be. This is why your sourcing pool should be as large as you want it to be. Your packaging solution may be made out of bamboo carved from the forests of Beijing, China, whilst your product is made in Cape Town, South Africa.  This is our end goal- to create a larger market whilst keeping every industry player a click away from one another. 


Join the OPN Solution today

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