These 3 Packaging Software Services Will Help You Meet Your Industry 4.0 Goals


Packaging software has helped the industry radically reduce waste, but is it just as effective at reducing time wasted on admin and managing deals? You bet it is.

The packaging industry has come a long way. Few other industries have made such great strides forward, especially when it comes to sustainability and packaging digitalization. Today, smart technology and packaging software are used to track items throughout the supply chain, while robotics, AI and 3D printing have revolutionized the manufacturing process. The zero-waste movement has resulted in many large brands eliminating plastic packaging entirely. Even the food industry has felt the mark of change, with technology being used to improve the safety and shelf life of food.

According to a recent Deloitte report, six out of ten companies expect their investments in industry 4.0 technology to result in positive social change. But the benefits can be seen in the bottom line too. 90% of companies with a comprehensive industry 4.0 strategy experienced a 5% spike in revenue.

If you’re still used to the “old way” of doing business, don’t worry. It’s never too late to start planning for the future of your business. And there’s plenty of help available.

Here are the top three digital service providers that cover the full cycle of the packing business, from finding quality materials and suppliers to controlling orders and managing client relationships.

1. PackIOT

Europe-based PackIOT is a plug-and-play cloud solution that covers the production side of the packaging business.

Using real-time data, PackIOT gives manufacturers a deeper look into what’s happening inside their business to help them make informed decisions and improve efficiency. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to identify problems quickly. According to their official site, supervisors and technicians will be able to increase their reaction time by up to 70% and its packaging analytics software will make manual data logging a thing of the past.


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2. Bizongo

Founded in 2015, Bizongo has grown to become a leading online marketplace for packaging products. The Mumbai-based company provides a platform for Indian and Global companies to buy and sell packaging online and offers other services like packaging design and artwork management.

The one-stop packaging platform was founded by former IIT graduates and longtime friends whose mission was to use technology to help packaging businesses thrive. Bizongo/ the company boasts a 100% availability rate for packaging material, which makes it a strong player in the supply chain.


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3. OPN Platform

OPN Platform is an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink packaging marketplace for buyers, sellers, and logistic vendors. The B2B platform makes buying and selling fast and easy and facilitates deals between both small and enterprise businesses across the globe.

Powered by the blockchain, transactions are safe, transparent and seamless. Users can also opt to automate their sales and procurement workflows and stay on track of price alerts and market insights.

OPN Platform is an increasingly popular industry player that comes recommended by 3M, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever and Caterpillar.

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In 2020, digital transformation has become a necessity for survival and staying competitive. A successful industry 4.0 strategy can impact every part of your business, from reducing costs and saving time to boosting efficiency and increasing deals. Issues like lengthy procurement processes, lack of control, declining service levels and lack of quality materials can all be solved with the right packaging software services.

Luckily for you, there are a host of industry trailblazers and maverick packaging software providers around to make the transition easy.


Want to know more about this topic? Download the free white paper, Digital Transformation For The Packaging Industry, compiled by OPN Platform and PackIOT, here.

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