Free Download: How to Increase the Stacking Strength of Rigid Packaging

How many losses have you experienced at your warehouse due to rigid packaging stack collapse?

Rigid packaging includes more robust packaging items like boxes, tubs, bottles, and cans.

Rigid packaging has several proven advantages over flexible packaging, but factors such as sustainability, cost, damage and stacking strength remain an ongoing challenge for many businesses. Stacking collapse costs time and money, which is a luxury many businesses just don’t have right now.

By following the principles of sound stacking, you can drastically lower the risk of damage and stacking collapse in both the long and short term. Increasing your stacking strength is a crucial part of this. 

For this reason, we've put together a simple, easy-to-follow guide of best practice advice and expert tips you can implement in your warehouse today. And the best part? It's free!

We’ll take you through every step to prevent this common packaging industry challenge and reduce the likelihood of collapse, damage, and loss.

Simple Process Changes
Explore the ways in which you can optimize your warehouse costs and operations in order to streamline your output.

Strength Checklist
Get to know the common causes of packing stacking collapse and how to avoid them. Share this checklist with your team to encourage best practice.  

Sustainable Packaging
Discover which sustainable alternatives are available to lower your carbon footprint without comprising stacking strength. 

Use Cases
Learn how other businesses overcame packaging obstacles and improved their processes.

At OPN, we’re all about knowledge sharing and paying it forward, which is why we are offering our guide to you for free. We hope you find our tips useful and that it helps to prevent a future calamity from occurring in your warehouse. 


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