Everything You Need To Know About The OPN Partners Ecosystem

At OPN, we understand the true value of being part of a network. Our independent packaging marketplace is designed to connect buyers, sellers and distributors across the globe, making conducting business easy.

Our partners form part of this network, which is why our users can enjoy high-quality value-added benefits from a variety of trusted packaging-related services. 

The OPN Partners Ecosystem brings together innovative solutions in the packaging value chain including packaging online orders, procurement software, product artwork, logistics, and payment systems. 

"The OPN Partners Ecosystem is based on value chain partnership principles, and working together in order to satisfy the packaging industry and provide 360-degree service,”  says Sergei Ciachir, Open Packaging Network AG founder & CEO.

“Value chains help businesses gain a competitive edge and eliminate wasted time and resources during each step of the process. This can include logistics, packaging online orders, digital procurement, and ink management. The overall goal is to provide added value at each step of the packaging manufacturing process. We invite highly innovative companies and service providers to join our Partners Ecosystem and take their customer experience to the next level."

These are just some of our valued partners:

With Packhelp, you can design and order custom packaging online quickly and easily. The site offers dedicated services for SMEs, growing brands and enterprise-level companies. 

Bizongo is an Indian-based digital supply chain platform for packaging auto-replenishment. This all-in-one packaging platform also offers 3D packaging design, a pricing calculator and procurement services. 

Stripe is a trusted payment system that takes the hassle out of online payment processing for internet businesses. Boasting millions of customers, Stripe is suitable for any type of business be it an enterprise manufacturer or SME. 

PackIOT is plug-and-play, cloud-based production software powered by machine learning that offers a unique insight into the packaging industry and uses data and analysis to help you run your business more smoothly.  

Freightos is an online freight network that allows you to compare forwarders by reputation, price and transit time.

Saloodo! is a digital freight platform that assists shippers to find Less-than-truckload (LTL), partial truckload (PTL) and full truckload (FTL) to better optimize their truck capacities. It also assists with locating verified road freight carriers

Packaging Online Orders (Packhelp), detailed procurement software and Artwork (Bizongo) to Trade Finance (Stripe, Stenn) and Logistic (Salodoo and Freightos).

For more information or to join the OPN launched Partners Ecosystem, visit www.opnplatform.com/partners