5 Ways To Manage A Remote Office

Companies around the world are letting staff work from home in a bid to halt the spread of COVID-19. According to McKinsey, around 200 million people were working remotely by the end of the Chinese New Year holiday period. 

Here OPN, we’ve been fully remote for some time. Here are our top 5 tips for getting it right. 


Many employers feel that teams won’t give their full attention when at home, but this impression is false. Working remotely limits distraction and improves focus. Remember that offices are social environments. Being at home allows employees to give their undivided attention to their work. Trust that they will.


Using technology is vital for keeping everyone on track and allows staff to work from practically anywhere. Choose trusted tools to help your team manage their time and workload. At OPN we use Google Docs for collaboration, Jira for task management, Slack for communication, and Hubspot for our marketing activities. 


Our biggest tip for managing a remote team is to communicate often. Use collaboration tools, video conferencing and chat applications to stay in touch and up to date with team activities. From scrum meetings and one-on-ones to brainstorming sessions and presentations, any meeting can take place remotely. Keeping your cameras on lends a great sense of community to the occasion.


For someone not used to working remotely, staying motivated and focused can be difficult. Use the tools available to you to establish a normal working routine, workflow and feedback protocol. We’ve found that Trello is a great tool to use for setting priorities and objectives and allows everyone to display their daily and weekly activities with total transparency. 


Some positions are more suited to remote work than others. If there are some team members who are not required to be at the office but are unable to complete their duties at home, try and reroute their focus to other areas during periods of disruption. They can support your front-line customer service team, for example, offer customer support or even help with procurement.

Utilize technology to run your packaging operations through the cloud. 

Our online packaging platform is a great tool for procurement teams to find new verified suppliers and vendors. Recent advancements in automation even allow factory equipment to be operated remotely. 

It’s an uncertain time for everyone at the moment. We wish you strength and resilience and hope to see you thriving again on the other side. 

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