5 Ways Buyers Can Find The Best Deals On The OPN Platform

The OPN Platform is a digital solution for the packaging industry that helps businesses leap ahead into Industry 4.0 and utilize innovative technology to achieve growth. 

For buyers, the OPN Platform is a gateway to new markets, raw materials, and suppliers. By being able to access more dynamic and competitive pricing, procurement teams can find the best prices for materials and transform the way they do business.

Here are our top tips for Buyers to get the most out of the platform and optimize procurement. 

1. Get verified

Becoming a verified buyer on the OPN Platform is easy – that's because we do it for you! Simply sign up for free and complete your account details. This will take less than a minute before you’re up and running. 

The OPN Platform works in partnership with global business verification tool Trulioo, which offers real-time identification and verification. Not only does this verify you as a trusted Buyer, but it allows you to bid on the best price instantly, without going through time-consuming due diligence.

Learn how to create an account here.

Read more about instant vendor verification here. 

2. Ensure you find the best price

Once you’re all signed up, you’re ready to start purchasing. You can select what materials you’re looking for during the sign-up process or click on the Market tab to search for products. 

To ensure you find the absolute best price, we recommend submitting multiple Requests with different quantities and bid on the best one. At OPN, traditional buyer/seller relationships will never stand in the way of new Buyers finding a great deal. Everything is transparent and Offers are open to all. 

Learn how to request a product here.


3. Activate your notifications

Make sure your alert notification settings have been activated to ensure you get notified instantly about new deals before anyone else. 

4. Share your request link

The OPN Platform allows you to copy and share your Request link via email, social media and chat. This helps negotiate better pricing and notifies colleagues quickly so you can accelerate the decision-making process. 

Learn how to chat with a seller here.

5. Get free credits

Every time you refer someone to the platform, you get something in return. Invite your current suppliers or transport partners to the OPN Platform and earn $1K credits to use on the platform. The more buyers, sellers, and vendors join the network, the better deals become available for everyone. 

The OPN Platform is a data-driven B2B online platform that connects buyers, sellers, and related services in one place. It allows buyers and sellers to connect directly without middlemen and removes the friction from managing your supply chain. For buyers, it has the added advantage of boosting and optimizing procurement to help your business grow. 

Do business seamlessly and safely on the OPN Platform. Complete or diversify your supply chain today from hundreds of verified packaging suppliers and vendors. 

Try our basic plan for free now. 

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